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Welcome to Eye Of The Beholder works of art.  Enjoy browsing paintings to decorate your personal space or wearable art to accessorize your wardrobe.  Whether I’m working on canvas or in silver I endeavor to create something unique and beautiful.  I hope that you will agree and find something you love so much you will want to make it part of your life.         


 This site contains original paintings and handmade jewelry.  I dream about making jewelry.  I work in wire wrapping and I love to give new life to antique pieces.   On some of my jewelry I use all new components and others are made from reclaimed elements.  I don't have just one style of expression in my jewelry or my paintings. 


This site contains original paintings and handmade jewelry.   Painting is a passion of mine, I love to express my thoughts and feelings in pictures.   I mix my own colors rather than using premixed colors and I enjoy the use of texture in my paintings.                             

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