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Not having painted since I was a child until my husband to be took me to an art gallery featuring the “masters”.  Normally looking at truly great works of art made me feel like I could never fulfill my deep desire to paint but when I came to the Van Goghs something in me changed.  It wasn’t only his skill that I saw, I felt him.  The work was saying something and I could feel it.  I was stuck there, or struck there I should say.  From that point on my darling husband gave me the freedom to pursue my dream.  We can’t all be Van Gogh, but I felt that I could project my feelings onto a canvas and someone else would be able to feel what I had to say.   

I am a self taught artist other than a drawing class I took in Seattle, based on the book The Artist’s Complete Guide to Figure Drawing by Anthony Ryder.  The teacher said she was not teaching us how to draw but how to see.  It’s true, she did.  Other than that I have been working on my own and with artist friends.  Reading books watching art shows on TV and going to museums to learn and be inspired.

Jewelry has always been a joy of my life, and after getting my work into some galleries where jewelry makers also had their work displayed I got to know some of them.  They gave me encouragement to try my hand at it.  Instant gratification!  I loved it and soon people were buying my wearable art right off me.

Well that’s the short version of how I got from there to here.  Hope you like what I do and make it part of your world too. 

Kay Lynn